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Sichel Bed provides a wide range of custom products to meet the needs of every customer. We answer bedding needs for residential, institutional, medical, shipboard purposes and more.  Our quality processes and attention to details assures that Sichel Sleep Products are exceptional.


We are proud of our craftsmanship because we still manufacture beds with an emphasis on human, rather than machine construction. Starting from the inside out,  the core bedding, mattress cover material and bedding furniture is chosen that best fits your needs. When you call Sichel, you get a bedding expert who not only answers your questions, but also asks those questions that you may not know to ask.

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It is important to both make sure that the thickness of the memory foam in your mattress is suitable for you, your weight, and your sleeping positions. We make sure that the material under the memory foam is supportive and high quality and is a critical part of a memory foam mattress. The quality of our memory foam and how long it will last is directly related to its density. Please call 610-292-8700 for more details.


Poly foam is used primarily for occasional use bedding such as guest rooms or vacation homes. Polyfoam mattresses are supportive, contoured, durable, and comfortable. Common mistakes in purchasing these mattresses include equating firmness with density that cover materials affecting firmness and not discussing needs and expectations with bedding experts. Please call  610-292-8700 for more details.


Solid latex is a premium product as it offers the maximum comfort and durability of any product. As a result, it also commands the highest cost. Premium natural latex is very resilient. and lasts. Contrary to what you may read elsewhere, there is no 'all natural and organic' latex available from any manufacturer. There are different feels of latex based on how it is processed. We use the Talalay rather than Dunlop because this produces a more consistent and durable product.  Please call  610-292-8700 for more details.


Innerspring construction is what many see as regular bedding. It is the most widely manufactured style and offers a good balance of cost and durability and is suitable for most applications. Please call  610-292-8700 for more details.

Our sleep products are top of the line. Please contact us to learn more.


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